It’s November 4th. Mid-term election day. I hope you’re getting out there to vote, or that you’re not getting out there to vote. In other words, I hope you’re doing whatever helps you feel like you’re contributing to a better society. If that’s voting, great. If that’s something else–also, great. If you’re not doing anything, that’s a problem. Last night, my roommate asked me for my opinion on Brittany Maynard, the woman… Read More

Earlier this week I told my mom that I was afraid for this post to go live. There are a handful of people on the internet who like to create fights, and those people intimidate me from talking about heavy issues. But, regardless, I think this is a valid conversation. In response, my mom advised me to get drunk, in order to minimize the sting of negative comments. Ah, mothers. What are they for,… Read More

(Side note: There are a lot of snarky parentheticals in this post. Forgive me. And, yes, this is one of them.) A friend of mine recently mentioned he was “trying to learn” Chinese. I asked him to say something, to which he rattled off a series of Chinese phrases. At least, that is my assumption. Now that I think of it, he could have speaking gibberish. If that was the case… 1) He… Read More

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine relayed a frustrating conversation back to me. In brief, an acquaintance had nagged her into divulging relationship history she wasn’t ready to share and, afterward, wrapped up with an impressive collection of clichés: When you stop looking for a relationship, the right guy will magically come into your life! I met my husband once I became content in my singleness.  Maybe this is a season to focus on your… Read More

Hey friends! I wrote this post originally for the popular dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. I liked it so much that I decided to post it here as well. If you’d like to read the article in it’s original intent, or to read more articles on the CMB blog, you can do so by clicking here. Thanks! All of us will make poor relationship decisions. Hate to break it to you, but you’re… Read More


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