If you’ve read this blog with any consistency, you know I love online dating for all the wrong reasons. Mm. When I realized that blogging about online dating was fun and hilarious, I immediately signed up for almost every site with the intention of writing a compare/contrast post. I basically joined everything, with the exception of Christian Mingle (I’d like to keep an ounce of dignity), Match (not willing to pay), and Farmers… Read More

Today, The Trees Will Clap turned five years old. A more competent blogger would have scheduled this in her calendar months ago, and crafted the perfect blog to commemorate the occasion. Not me! I woke up, rolled over to get my daily dose of validation from my Wordpress Dashboard, only to discover today was our birthday. Crap. Nothing worse than forgetting a loved one’s birthday, right? Well, we’re five now. I feel like we should… Read More

It’s been a rough few weeks, friends. (read: Don’t judge me for not posting lately. I’m exercising my right to be an emotionally distraught artist.) The job hunt has torn me to pieces. Applying to jobs day in and day out, without even getting even a moderate dose of interest really has a way of making you wonder a) if the last seven years of your life mattered at all, and b) what skills… Read More

A few weeks ago I took a day trip to a local museum to unwind. As I turned a corner, my eyes locked on a Van Gogh original. I’m not kidding–shivers ran down my back. I’ve always felt mysteriously connected to Van Gogh: we share a birthday, I can resonate with stories of his faith-struggle, and his frustration with the Church. (News flash: I have some frustrations with the Christian Church. I’m… Read More

Mm, do I love me some reading. Besides the proven health benefits, I like reading because it requires a level of imagination that I can’t get from other forms of entertainment. It’s like a vacation from my brain. Somedays, that exactly what I need. If you’re like me, visiting a bookstore is a daunting experience. It’s a reminder of your pending mortality, because it’s simply impossible to read all the books on… Read More


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