Mmm. Organic.

In an effort to try to be world-friendly, I’ve been trying to search out more organic products that can replace the non-organic products I use. Here are some awesome items I’ve found so far.

Dr. Bronner's Soaps1. Dr. Bronner’s.

This company is too legit to quit. They make all sorts of products; including liquid soap, bar soap, lotions, chapstick, tattoo balm, etc…

All of their products are 100% organic AND have 100% fair trade certification. They are one of the few companies to receive an A marking according to environmental and social practices, according to the Better World Shopper handbook.

All of their merch is awesome, but I am especially in love with the liquid soap. This is the most freaking versatile stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally have a bottle of liquid soap that I use for washing my hair, body wash, and washing my clothes. Plus, I’ve even heard of people who use it to wash their dishes AND brush their teeth. Not to mention they have several different scents, so you’ll never get tired of it.

Their chapstick is the most glorious thing ever. I, honestly, prefer it to Burt’s Bees… (and I love me some Burt’s Bees.)

So good. I heart Dr. Bronner.

Places to Purchase: Online, Target, Trader Joes, Mother’s Market, Henry’s, Vitamin Shoppe

Tom's Deoderant

2. Tom’s Deodorant

Did you know most mainstream deodorants contain aluminum, which scientists believe could cause breast cancer in women?

Either way, its always best for us to cut down on chemicals we rub all over our bodies. Of all the products I’ve tried to convert to organics, finding a good deodorant has been (hands down) the most challenging.

I’m pretty happy with Toms so far, though. Its completely natural and free of aluminum, plus they use hops, which inhibit bacteria from growing. Furthermore, their company has really good business and charity practices. I approve.

I have the apricot scented one, and its quite lovely.

They also have toothpastes, soaps, and other products… But I’ve only tried the deodorant.

Places to Purchase: Online, Target, Ralphs, CVS

3. Eco Touch Waterless CarwashEco Touch

This stuff is RAD. It’s just a simple car wash spray. You spray some on a rag and some on the car and then just wipe your car clean. With one bottle you can wash your car 4-6 times, which saves you a ton of money from taking it to get washed. Furthermore, one bottle conserves 700 gallons of water! They have a huge environmental focus, so their products don’t hurt our planet.

I used it to wash my car and it was super quick; took me under 20 minutes.

Their website has a whole list of their other car-detailing products.

Places to Purchase: Online, Whole Foods, Seed Market. (See their website for a whole list of places near you.)

Hope this helps you start thinking out of the box, and more organically. :)

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3 thoughts on “Mmm. Organic.

  1. paul wynn says:

    going eco has always been the way but not many people are aware of it hence the products are mainstream but its good that your spreading awareness… you go girl

  2. thetreeswillclap says:

    Thanks, Paul! I appreciate your encouragement. Took a look at your blog–it’s hysterical. Gotta love some people. :)

  3. Also offered are gift packs of carres (small chocolate squares), and organic baking chocolate. Maya Environmental

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