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From the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend and I have set and stuck to some pretty strict boundaries. No sex, no staying together alone late, etc… even as far as choosing to abstain from making out. People are usually pretty shocked/surprised/curious when they hear this. I was talking to my brother’s girlfriend this evening [...]

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YHVH-jireh: The Lord Will Provide.

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend/coworker, as I noticed she had a new computer. She explained to me that the company was getting them new computers to avoid them using their personal computers for work; therefore, she was looking to sell her old (but in perfect condition) Macbook for $100. We [...]

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Pray for Joseph Kony.

Tonight, my church had an event to raise awareness of the war and poverty in Uganda. They highlighted a few different organizations and businesses that support different Ugandan citizens: Invisible Children, Krochet Kids, and 31 Bits. If you’re not familiar with the situation in Uganda (then where have you been hiding–under a rock?) then let [...]

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Snuggie, I Hate You: The Sequel.

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE The Snuggie. H-A-T-E. If you’ve followed my writing for a while, you may recall this precious gem: (Click here for a past Snuggie blog post.) Today, I saw a commercial that sent me through the roof. Snuggie has released a new product: The Snuggie for Dogs. Are [...]

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Forgive me in advance if I sound harsh. I’m not condemning anyone, just expressing a deep felt pet peeve. Some things really irritate me. Righteous irritation, of course. One of those things being those ridiculous “Prove-Your-Love-For-Jesus” internet scams. Just the other day, I saw somebody post a blurb on as their Facebook status that read [...]

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faith is not a basketball league.

Lately, I’ve seen these commercials on TV for a particular denomination of the Christian church. Let me be up front in saying I have nothing against this denomination, and I am in no way bashing or hating on them… just questioning their methods. That being said, they’ve began to air a series of different commercials [...]

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